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In May of 2010, The Corner Cafe & Bistro (TCCB) opened at 10 Centennial Drive, Long Branch, NJ, in the Pier Village Development. The site of our location used to be one of New Jersey's hot spots until it burnt down on June 8th 1987 due to a gas leak.  For years the area was ruined until 2005 when the complex "Pier Village" was built.


From the beginning, we envisioned TCCB as more than a place to get coffee.  We offer the very best coffees and teas available, but also are very well known for our home made Gelato. We strive to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, and to be part of an integral part of the community. We strive to once again bring back a cafe that people get reminded how fun it was to sit on the beach front once again. We take pride in being a good neighbor, local gathering place, and dedication of loyalty to our great customers.


We have been fortunate to be known as one of the greatest coffee houses around. From day one we have pursued our goal of being the local hangout, now known as "THE CAFE". We continue to achieve excellence in all we do and to endure long into the furture.


Thanks for making us #1!!!

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